Dashboard Settings

Here you can set the order that your dashboards appear in the side menu. If you're an admin, you will also be able to change the name of a dashboard and change the CV/ATV/Items targets.

Click and drag the dashboard into the order you want, make sure to click save changes when you're done.
Moving a dashboard to the top of your list will set that dashboard to be your default dashboard.
Click the left edit button to edit a stores name. Click the target button on the right to edit a stores ATV/IPT/CV targets.
Dashboard Name ID Order Number

This is where you can set your home page to either be the Dashboard view or the Overview view. You can also set your Overview Data Aggregation Preference to either daily, weekly, monthly, YTD or MAT aggregation. The default is weekly.

Home Page

When you log in, you will be taken to the Overview page. Currently you are taken to the default Dashboard page.

Overview Data Aggregation

This setting will determine which period of time data on the Overview page will display. It will also determine the Conversion rate that displays in the Top/Worst Performers menus.

Here you can change the default hours for the graphics that display on the Bellwether dashboard. You can change them individually per store, however this setting is NOT unique to you. Changing these hours will change them for all users.
Dashboard Name Opening Time Closing Time
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